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I cashed in my credit card world points the other day and snagged a free deep fryer.

This is most dangerous to cool ratio item i own. It gets what i describe as "deadly hot" within seconds.

Keep all the health jokes and comments to yourself because everyone that has seen this thing in action has had the exact same reaction:

Gleeful delight and squealing followed by, "OHMG!" these french fries are awesome.

This thing cooks what i describe as "damn-good-sporting-event-concession-stand-quality-french-fries" in under a minute. Think i'm exaggerating? come on over I'm making spicy crispy chicken wings this FRYDAY!

On the polar opposite end of the spectrum we snagged the crock pot i've been pining for. So far we've made Mexican Casserole and baked four cheese pasta, both with about a 5-7 hour cooking time. The flavour this slow cooker opens up is unprecedented. I've never seen spices amplified like this. My fridge is busting at the seems with food. The Crock makes meals that feed dinner parties. I keep inviting people over and giving away food but there's still plenty left.

I'm currently gearing up for the 10 hour 3 packet pot roast; that's 3lbs of chuck! Who wants in?
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