Some Kind of Art School (darkdisney) wrote,
Some Kind of Art School

We Are Fragile

We Are Fragile, a wrap around album cover for the band Isle Of Thieves
14 x 20
Oil on Strathmore 500 Series Illustration Board
find more illustration at

this was fun. I'd like to get this one framed.

this painting and the previous Lady Justice helped me to learn to let a painting be a painting.

expect to see more cloud work in the future. i'm getting into it.
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absolutely wonderful, I like the small hints of blue a lot.
Wow, the light is gorgeous, around her shoulder, her arms, it's gorgeous.

I like the jellyfish behind the tree, that's also really cool.
Oh - that came out stunning! I'm really surprised by your color scheme (I was picturing electric blues) but this is very cool, it's a bit more original than blue. :D
I'm loving the colors on this one! Yet again, another piece that would match my apartment. ;)
Beautiful work as always, I love the colors you've selected for this piece.
i love this! great job :D
foraging for jellyfish in the forest!
i diggith this art sauceyness!
loves it. fits with your things-that-don't-fly-flying theme.
This is just Beautiful! and Amazing! *applauds* :D
I love this!!
This is gorgeous! I want it!

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