Some Kind of Art School (darkdisney) wrote,
Some Kind of Art School


So i've been on a baby kick.

we've got SOME TIME so hold your horses but it's been increasingly on my mind.

After seeing Paris and Prince Jackson yesterday that pretty much sealed the deal.

i also think i NEED a little girl.

All my life i've been told i look like Michael Jackson. whip these genes up with my wife and I'm pretty sure i got great shot at brewing some GORGEOUS children.

Of course comes the inevitable name game.

I decided that all great black men have names that start with the letter M, e.g. Malcom, Michael, Michael, Michael, Martin, Marcus etc

So I gave Robin my suggestions for names and her replies went something like this:


Megatron: No (had to throw it out there)

Marious : eeeeh maaaaaaaaybe

Maco: No (yes as in the shark!)

Mercutio: No (wtf why not?!)

Maxwell: Yes


Gretchen, Gertrude or Guenevere (NOT GWEN NEVER GWEN!). She liked Guenevere the most but i like Gretchen. She thinks it's too granny but i say HEY that's the point! it's throwback! Told her if we have three girls expect the trifecta

Akasha: She all but refuses! COME ON! QUEEN OF THE DAMNED!!!

whatcha think? it's about time i father some US Royalty!
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