Some Kind of Art School (darkdisney) wrote,
Some Kind of Art School

The Queen's Daughter
16 x 20
oil on panel
find more artwork here

I wanted to post this a lot sooner but once the illustrators saw it they suggested some vast changes. Speaking of changes, June marks my one year anniversary of marriage and living in new york. My whole world has spun round but it seem to have landed me in a position for running forward. We're moving at the end of May and I've 6 new illustrations queued up.

I apologize for the delay in posting this and i appreciate your patience. I hope momma bird likes it as much as i enjoyed painting it.

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Deleted comment

thanks man! as you know it looks better in person.
saucesome finale!


9 years ago


9 years ago

so goregous
thank you very much my friend
rad! now i just need to catch up to the amount paintings you produce. JEEZE!
wow tristan, this is beautiful!
thanks fyz! when we painting you again?
freakin sweet

Deleted comment

thanks! next time i'll try not to go too overboard with the colour.
Very nice! But mama's head is looking way too big for her body. Or maybe it's the hair at the back of the head?
thanks but i really don't think so the hair could be throwing you off.

Deleted comment

for sure! thank you :D
RAHHHHHH! This is beauuuutiful. And I appreciate it even more that I've 'dealt' with oils as of late.

I had my phone off all last week and just got your happyface text! :) x 10!!!
plenty more where that came from



April 15 2009, 15:35:09 UTC 9 years ago

nice. This is, like, your happiest painting ever.
hahah awww yay!