Some Kind of Art School (darkdisney) wrote,
Some Kind of Art School

Dremel, warm weather and Avatar!

dremel 300
Dremel 300 series

just picked up this bad boy and a sheet of 2' x 4' hardboard.

I'm within walking distance of a home depot. With my new print and mount technique i may never have to purchase a prepared surface again! Cost of the 2 x 4 sheet of hardboard? Under 5 bucks! that's what i'm talkin about.

I can float and mount my printed drawings on the hard board then trim them to size once the paintings complete.


On an even brighter note, tonight, we'll head to nearly 80 deg weather for an 11 day FL vacation. It'll be a white Christmas this year...a white sandy beach Christmas!

Finally, this friday, AVATAR!!!!!!!!! 3D, James Cameron, PEW PEW PEW!
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